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Dora Lewis

p Recording and Production Facility Located in Burbank, California See More


Fully equipped, Fully capable


The heart and soul of the facility. Our recording studio comes equipped with the best “in-the-box” gear and software to spark ideas and create magical moments. With a fully treated vocal booth, our vocals cut smooth and crisp. And for producers, our Studio B (see images below) is the perfect space for pre-production.


Our lounge area has inspired many ideas from some genius level artists. We’ve created a space to chill and think without having to break momentum. Intense games of eight-ball are often played in-between sessions and beat-blocks to reset and relax the creative mind.


A writer’s delight!  Our Studio B is fully equipped with production software and hardware, mounted TV, great monitors and an awesome vibe to get your creative juices flowing.  It’s comfortable and inspiring to help you write your next hit!


Production Stage, Live Streaming, Podcast Production


From live performances to shooting music videos, our production studio is built for many different uses. Our stage is fully equipped with sound, lights, and even live streaming & recording equipment. See what kind of magic you can make in the studio today.


The Podcast Studio is fully equipped and capable of producing any podcast show.  With an office next door for the engineer, this room is spacious to allow for multi-cam production and additional guests.  Flat screen TV is setup to connect to your laptop or device.


The lounge area in our Production Studio serves both as a place to meet and discuss your project with your team as well as a dressing room with full length mirror and mounted TV.  Double doors for privacy yet right next door to the action.


A few artists we have worked with


Featured amenities at Offstream Studios

All features are included upon reserving one of our studios. If you have any questions or requests, please ask before making a reservation.

Pro Tools

Logic Pro X

Waves Mercury Suite

Vocal Templates (Pro Tools)

Private Parking

Fiber Optic WiFi

Pool Table

Studio One 4

Ableton Live 11

Slate Plug-In Suite

61-Key MIDI Keyboard

Private Entry

Kitchen Area

Arcade Machine